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As a private plane charter company, Jet View believes in making private flying easier and more efficient, making your time on board a unique, complete and comfortable experience. We can offer you several services. These include aircraft management and private jet rental services. In addition to aircraft management, our services include chartering private jets where you, on request, can take private jet flights to a wide range of destinations. You can book a private jet with us and thereby fly to one or more destinations of your choice. Are you curious to know what possibilities there are for you to book a private plane? Then get in touch with us.

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Advantages of flying private

In many cases, chartering a private jet can give you several advantages. For example, chartering a private jet can be time-saving as well as cost-efficient. By booking a private flight, you can fly to multiple destinations in one day and land closer to your final destination. In addition, you are flexible and will not have to deal with crowds or long queues. Besides all the practical benefits your private air travel has, there is of course the luxury aspect of private flying. This includes enjoying VIP lounges and terminals before going on your private jet flight. Have you already experienced the comfort of chartering a private plane? We will completely tailor your private or charter flight to your requirements, offering you the ultimate luxury experience during your trip.
Private flying with Jet View therefore offers you the freedom and flexibility you are looking for. Regardless of whether you are taking a flight for work or leisure. Check out the options for chartering a private jet here!

Empty leg flights

Empty legs are flights without passengers. These are designed to take the aircraft to another airport, either to the home base of the private jet or to another location to pick up passengers after chartering the private jet. These empty leg flights are offered at a lower cost. You can therefore save as much as 75% on the cost of a regular charter flight with an empty leg flight. We have a wide range of private jets that are also available as empty leg. This way, you can enjoy the benefits and luxury of flying on a private jet without having to pay the usual fees. Want to know more about empty leg flights or book an empty leg flight? Check it out here.

Carbon offset programme

As a young and environmentally conscious company, we are committed to a sustainable future for private aviation. At Jet View there is always an option to offset 100% of carbon emitted at 0,5% of the charter cost.

The Jet View fleet

We make sure you have the right aircraft for your trip. From turboprops to heavy jets, we can offer it all. You can therefore book a wide range of private aircrafts with us, whether you are looking for a lightweight private jet (such as a Cessna CitationJet) or a heavier private jet. Thus, we have the right option for you for both short flights and longer flights.

We provide aircraft management for some of the luxury private jets that are part of our fleet. Curious about the private aircrafts in our fleet or would you like to book a private flight? Check out our Cessna CitationJets, and many more, here.

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Jet View offers private flights to a wide range of locations. Your time is valuable and therefore Jet View is the right partner for your private or business flights. Are you interested in learning more about private flying or would you like to book a charter flight? We are at your service and would be happy to look into the possibilities of booking a private jet with you. To do so, please contact us.